Starbucks Gold Card..

Months fly by and I get back into the mode of throwing out pointers and thoughts again.

I came across a nice little deal in the last couple of weeks; the Starbucks Gold Card. For $25 a year you get 10% off of over-priced purchases but what hooked me was the fact you also get 2 hours a day of free WiFi at a Starbucks ATT Hotspot. Nice little deal when ATT wants to ding you for $6 to $10 for some part or whole of a day. Just 4 or 5 two-hour visits pays this thing off. The pricing works well if you are a light user of these spots. If I was more of a road warrior then I would look more at Boingo. As someone that is looking for a place to do some work between meetings, it fits the bill.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks Gold Card..”

  1. Thanks for the pointers!

    I use Tully's too! They just aren't as numerous as Starbucks (for better or worse). SB shows 57 stores with WiFi in San Francisco. Tully's shows 10 with WiFi. It gets worse if you get outside of SF.

    As for McDonalds, that is great. Last time I tried their WiFi, I had to buy one of their burgers :-(. They show 20 stores with WiFI in SF.

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