Seems that I have been encouraged by folks to start a blog.

I tell folks that I only want to deal with ISO layers 3 and below but it seems that I get into these rants with folks that apply to 4 and above and they say it should be documented. Hmmm… Ok, I’ll bite.

A little background on me… One of my main “themes” in life is to give tools to the world that help them express their ideas. I have this rather utopian idea that if everyone has tools to exchange ideas then the world will be a better place. Everyone should have access to the printing press and the distribution system to get the ink to the folks that want to read it.

So, I have been involved with starting community radio stations, hooking up personal networks like FidoNet to the Internet, starting ISPs, co-founding anti-spam companies and starting up free community wireless networks.

My actions and thoughts are mainly liberal with some libertarian thrown in.

As you can figure out from above, in the coming posts, I want to cover technology and how it relates to giving folks access to the printing press and distribution.

We’ll both see how this goes… 🙂